We procure pulley system from eminent pulley manufacturer, which allows us to increase their demand and earn huge praise from the marketplace, we have flourished in the domain of rock climbing by providing a comprehensive range of pulley system, these systems support the rope and offer accurate friction to moving rope according to the preference of a climbers, this is how, it acts as an essential device for rope climbers, who undertakes and achieves millstones by the help of these pulleys. Meanwhile, the pulleys are made of high-grade raw material, which makes them durable and perfect for future usage, subsequently, a climber can easily take foots upward through ropes attached to these pulleys, clients can avail these online pulleys at cost effective rates. Giving full value of their money. Now a hassle-free and adventurous rope climbing gets a new direction through a series of top-notch pulleys, which fulfills every dream of a climber.

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sold-out-image Extra Roll Pulley Singing Rock

Extra Roll Pulley Singing Rock

Designed and optimized for use with a Prusik friction knot. Suitable for rescue activities or h...
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sold-out-image Pulley Gemini Petzl

Pulley Gemini Petzl

Description Special side plates designed for use with a Prusik friction hitch in lightweight progre...
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Tandem Pulley Singing Rock

Tandem Pulley Singing Rock

TANDEM PULLEY Pulley intended for moving on the textile rope or steel cable two sheaves prevent fro...
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sold-out-image Twin Roll Pulley Singing Rock

Twin Roll Pulley Singing Rock

Twin pulley for for various uses • durable and lightweight pulley • designed and optimized for use...
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